Where can I find Caimans?

The main hydrographic systems of the Wildlife Production Reserve

Cuyabeno are the Cuyabeno, Aguarico and Lagarto rivers. The Cuyabeno River has 140 km of cause, flows from west to east through the reserve and in turn is a tributary of the Aguarico River. In the upper middle part of the Cuyabeno River and around the equinoctial line is the Cuyabeno River Lake System (SLRC), which is made up of 14 lagoons, fed and interconnected by water channels, among which the Quebrada de la Hormiga stands out, Aucaquebrada and the Cuyabeno River itself.


Caiman watching in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is for the adventurous. Come enjoy the exciting experience of getting up close to caimans in their natural environment without disturbing them at all. Green Forest Ecolodge offers an alligator tour on the Cuyabeno River and surrounding lakes. Witness caiman behavior in its purest form with Green Forest Ecolodge.