How is the climate of Cuyabeno?

As in all of Ecuador, the weather is varied and unpredictable. It is usually a rain forest, so there can be showers, rain in the morning and be sunny in the afternoon, or there can be full days of sunshine as well as full days of rain. Most evenings are very pleasant and air conditioning is not necessary.

The annual temperature and rainfall are 24.7 °C and 3404 mm respectively, with January being the driest month and April being the month with the highest rainfall.

February is the warmest month of the year with an average temperature of 25.3 °C and July records the lowest average temperature of around 23.4 °C.

Regarding humidity, the lowest value is measured in January (84.83%), and relatively the highest humidity is in June (91.96).

However, being in a rainforest there is a high probability of rain throughout the year.

Remember that there are suitable activities for rainy days, in addition to the appropriate equipment such as: rubber boots and rain ponchos.

Keep in mind that there is always wildlife in the tropical forest, so the weather will not be an impediment to enjoying Cuyabeno.