Recommendations for Traveling from Banos to Quito

 Public transport is a good option to get to Quito. You must first go to the land terminal of the city of Baños de Agua Santa, here you can buy your ticket to the city of Quito, the cost of the ticket is $ 6.50 or $8 and travel time may vary from 3 to 4 hours depending on the season.

There are departures every hour until 20:00.

So that your trip does not have any kind of inconvenience we leave you some recommendations:

First of all, keep your safety in mind, always use a mask, and keep your hands disinfected with alcohol.

Always purchase your tickets at the corresponding transport agency, and keep your ticket.

The moment you board the means of transport, carefully check the seat number that corresponds to you.

In case your luggage is too large, you will need to store it in the hold of the bus, do not worry this place is safe.

On the contrary, if your luggage is hand luggage, you can take it with you, and keep it at hand and in a visible place for your safety.

Do not provide specific information on the place of accommodation or itinerary to be fulfilled.

When your trip ends, always check that you do not forget your belongings on the seat.