What spiders can I find in Cuyabeno?

Spiders in Cuyabeno

The variety of species between spiders and tarantulas in Cuyabeno will surprise you. You will find them in different sizes, colors, and textures. The best experience among arachnids.



1.-Golden silk spider


The threads of its web shimmer in the sun giving an incredible sight that resembles gold. They feed on small flying insects and are excellent pest control.


2. Silver garden spider


Also called "tiger" spider because of its coloration. It is found in tropical and humid places. Generally weaves its web between medium-sized bushes. Its venom does not cause major medical damage, so it is considered harmless.


3. Avicularia juruensis (scientific name)


The hairs of this tarantula serve as a defense since when they feel in danger it releases them. Also, they embed them in the silk to protect the eggs.


4. Six-pointed arrow spider


This spider has formations in the form of points on its back that are brown with yellow, it is a little-known spider, so it is recommended to keep a distance.


5. Giant crab spider


Although it is a poisonous spider, it does not represent a danger to people, however, its bite is painful.




Remember not to get close to any type of spider since the animals tend to be aggressive when they feel in danger, although our guide can help you, it is better to avoid a bad time.



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