Exploring Biodiversity


Cuyabeno, Connection, Biodiversity, and Worldview


The flooded trails of Cuyabeno are one of the points of highest species diversity, many of which have productive and commercial potential. Here, it is possible to find manatees, dolphins, caimans, and anacondas, crucial in regulating the ecosystem and indicators of its health.


These lagoons form the largest wetland in the Ecuadorian Amazon, favoring the flow of the Cuyabeno, Aguarico, and Napo rivers, which ultimately converge into the Amazon River. They serve as a connection pathway within the landscape, enabling economic exchange and sustaining livelihoods for communities residing in adjacent areas like the Siona, Secoya, and Cofanes.


It is essential that we maintain the serenity of nature. In protected areas, the emission of intense lights or flashes that may disturb the peace of the night is not allowed, except for the use of personal flashlights. It is strictly prohibited to leave any kind of waste or mark of our visit.