Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is covered by primary and lush rainforests and provides a variety of natural habitats, is the best place to experience the real amazon jungle Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

Several flagship species of Ecuadorian fauna and flora can be found in this region, including: harpy eagle, Amazon tapir,white-whiskered-spider monkey, dusky-titi monkey, black-girdled barbet, paradise tanager, crested owl, spangled cotinga, great potoo, attalea maripa, black caiman, macaws, This area has been highlighted by the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment as vital for conservation. That´s why very important biosecurity standars while we are inside in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve , the most important  is use the mask at all times.

The reserve is divided into geographical areas, each with its own specific function, such as tourism, conservation, research and monitoring, by the enviromental office of Ecuador - by a team whose members have expertise in different areas, including biology, management and education.

The forest reserve where our Ecolodge is in the heart of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, a very important Amazon conservation area covering 603,380 ha (1,490,000 acres).