An experience in Cuyabeno

I had just come back to Ecuador from a bad experience abroad. A week after that, I was heading to Green Forest Ecolodge in Cuyabeno. I don't remember much until the moment the canoe ride began... A green canvas with splashes of bright, dazzling color from all the small animals living freely and happily. I feel in another world while I'm going down the silky river and all of a sudden, a surprise, a family of squirrel monkeys jumping in through the treetops trying not to be seen by all the people on the canoes trying so hard to see them.

As we move along, we see birds, an anaconda, sloths, otters, and a couple of dolphins, not the pink ones though, but dolphins nonetheless. A kind of lethargy injects every atom of my body and I get dizzy... An image comes to my mind and a feeling: it is a portrait of myself being a huge ceiba tree, I'm old, as old as the universe. The branches of I/tree are so heavy and light at the same time. Time is no longer, it's non-existent.