Work with us at Green Forest Ecolodge

Are you a Travel Blogger planning a trip to Cuyabeno Ecuador..? Get in touch with us then!

At Green Forest Ecolodge we are always happy to collaborate with travel bloggers from all over the world, so if you’re interested send an email to with the links to your blog and social media pages and we’ll make sure we get back to you as soon as possible!


The best way to make friends is to be friendly. And the best service is the kind you yourself would like to receive. Here at Green Forest Ecolodge in Cuyabeno Ecuador, we are looking for team members with the ability to make guests feel at home as soon as they put down their bags in the ecolodge.

Work with us at Green Forest Ecolodge

The Green Forest Ecolodge is a beacon of culture, diversity and sustainability in Cuyabeno with a strong commitment to our community.

Want to be a part of the fun? We’re on the lookout for people with experience in some or all of the above. Of course customer service prowess is a must; but beyond that and other key qualifications for specific positions, we’re looking for candidates who are excited to be a part of our amazing community.

Current jobs postings

  • Manager at our Ecolodge
  • Line Cook
  • Barback / General Labourer

How to apply

Please submit a cover letter at Subject line should indicate your job of interest.