How to get to meeting point in Lago Agrio?

Lago Agrio is characterized for being one of the most cosmopolitan cantons of Ecuador, due to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.


Surely you have asked yourself:

Is Lago Agrio a safe city?

Lago Agrio is one of the cities that has invested the most in security due to foreigners visiting the Cuyabeno Reserve, since it is a border area with Colombia, but there is no danger. You have to take the typical precautions of visiting any unknown site.


Are Lago Agrio taxis safe?

Always take those that have the identification number or safe taxi that are located outside the terminal, we recommend asking the price before getting in the taxi.

Once you have arrived at the Lago Agrio terminal, no matter what time you arrive, we recommend that you take a taxi from the terminal to "La Casa de mi grandfather" where a local person will assist you, and you can stay the rest of the day in the hammocks of the place and in the morning have breakfast in a restaurant in front of the lodging.

Duration: 14 minutes by car

Distance: 7.1km


The Green Forest Ecolodge team provides you with the pertinent information if you plan to travel to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.

Our team picks you up at 9:30 AM from the point "My grandfather's house" and transports you in our van to the Cuyabeno River Bridge, where the adventure in the Ecuadorian jungle will begin, where you will be taken on a boat for two hours, until we reach our lodge "Green Forest Ecolodge".


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