What are the best sunsets in Ecuador?

Have you ever wondered what can top a sunset on the beach?

In Cuyabeno you will find the best and only sunset so magnificent that it is impossible to describe it, have the opportunity to feel it with your own eyes and be amazed at this spectacular charm.

Although the biological richness and the mysterious beauty of the Amazon make Cuyabeno one of the most desired destinations for world travel. The sunset in the Laguna Grande is the plus to give the most impressive scenery that can exist in no other place, the fascinating natural beauty that you cannot miss.

This dark-colored lagoon is part of a system that includes approximately 14 interconnected lagoons. The most visited are Laguna Grande, Caimancocha, Patococha and Quebrada de la Hormiga.


One of the most anticipated activities of the day is the visit to the Laguna Grande to swim with travelers from all over the world as well as enjoy the best magical sunset that looks like a movie, usually this activity takes place every day in the afternoon. and it is the most refreshing thing in the world after a long day in the sun, plus with us you can have the option of kayaking.


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