Why traveling to Cuyabeno is the best option?

Did you know that the Amazon region is characterized by being the lungs of the world? This is due to its great biodiversity of flora and fauna, and trees over 50 meters high, a unique place on the planet that can be on your list of the best options to visit in the world is the Cuyabeno Fauna Production Reserve.

Get to know this unique place full of magical charms built by nature, where peace and harmony come together in one place, swim in the large lagoon, see pink dolphins, and share experiences with the Siona community, it is truly surprising and unique. Well, to talk about Cuyabeno is to talk about one of the natural beauties of the world.

The Amazon region is characterized by large extensions of tropical forest where trees such as ceibo, sande and mahogany can easily reach more than 50 meters in height. They are the flooded forests of the Amazon, of which a large part is protected within the reserve. Thanks to this, they are the territory of dolphins, manatees, caimans, anacondas, otters, and of the tree guarango, and many more. It is one of the few charms that you can enjoy.

What travel season is the best option?

As all experts recommend, any trip will be better if you know in advance the possibilities and limitations that you will have in the chosen destination, in this special case of a trip to the Amazon.

In the “High” season, the rivers rise and flood the low banks. In this season you can expect between 60 and 180 millimeters of rain to fall in some places (a good time to appreciate the riverside plants of fruits and flowers), you will be able to observe birds and monkeys on the river bank.

A strange case is in January, the rivers have less flow to the point of "almost" running dry and the lagoon can dry up. In this month you can see alligators on the sandy shores and nocturnal exploration.

On the other hand, in the “Low” season (December to February), the rivers have less flow, and the sandy shores are broader, explorations and walks are the main activities.

But in both seasons it rains, although with different intensities, so we recommend that you take with you a waterproof sweater and easy-drying clothes.

Can you visit the indigenous communities?

During your stay in the Ecuadorian Amazon, you will have the opportunity to interact with the members of the Indigenous communities that inhabit the place, except, of course, with the uncontacted groups.