Did you know that kayaking is a complementary activity in Cuyabeno?

We know that you would like to be part of nature in the Ecuadorian Amazon, therefore, visiting the Cuyabeno Fauna Production Reserve is ideal for you, it covers large areas of tropical forest, wetlands that flood firm ground, a great variety of flora and fauna allowing you to stand out and be part of the Amazon jungle.

In Cuyabeno, the activities allowed to carry out according to the National System of Protected Areas (SNAP) are: photography, canoeing, swimming, experiential fishing and excursions in the jungle. Green Forest Ecolodge, being located within the wildlife production reserve, is governed by SNAP regulations, however, it also offers you different complementary activities such as the gym, trails behind the lodge (which you can enter under the supervision of a guide), and likewise the activity of lake kayaking.

What is kayaking?

It is considered as an adventure tourism modality that integrates the navigation of lake and sea systems through the use of the kayak, without the use of any means of propulsion other than that of the human being with the use of oars.

Kayaking, being considered an adventure sport in our country, is regulated within the Adventure Tourism Operation Regulations, due to this, a minimum age and necessary equipment are required to carry out this activity.

From what age:

  • According to the regulations, the minimum age for lake kayaking is 8 years.

Tourist Equipment

  • A sea (or lake) kayak
  • Life jacket suitable for kayaking
  • kayak paddle
  • Whistle

For this reason, Green Forest is your choice, it combines the great nature with adventure sports that allow you to enjoy nature together with the tranquility of the Cuyabeno lagoons and rivers, considered Wetlands of International Importance by the Convention for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wetlands (RAMSAR site).