Casabe What is its importance?

The gastronomy of our Amazon region has a great variety, we consider its importance is also part of the experience, here you will learn a little more about the casabe.

As a tasting option in the tours carried out by Green Forest, there is the process of making yucca cassava, or bread from the Amazon, according to the community members, before this type of food was made for those in charge of hunting animals.

In the communes, since there were days when they could not return to their homes due to the distance from the place where they were getting married, the majority of wives sent their partners this food wrapped in banana leaves or bijao leaves. It is said that they did it for decades since this food has high conservation support, lasting up to more than 5 days.

The preparation process is carried out within the community where the experience goes from the harvest, the preparation, cooking of the food, and tasting together with the community members.

A gastronomic experience that you certainly cannot miss if you visit Green Forest.