What do I need to bring for my trip to Cuyabeno?

This is a question that we all ask ourselves when planning a trip. For this reason here we have prepared a list of things necessary to make your experience in Cuyabeno unforgettable.


  1. Appropriate clothing: it is best to wear long-sleeved clothing which will protect you from mosquito or insect bites, as well as special quick-drying pants for hiking in the jungle.
  2. A bottle with water. It is important to always stay hydrated and fresh for the activities to be carried out.
  3. Cases for cell phones or other electronic devices. In the jungle there is a lot of humidity, which is why you need special bags for your electronic devices, don't forget it.
  4. Proper footwear. Good trekking shoes should not be missing from your list, and of course good rubber boots, usually the agency you travel with will provide you with suitable boots for these trails.
  5. You can not forget a good sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
  6. Binoculars. They are a great help also that will allow you to see things that at first glance seem non-existent, very useful for wildlife watching.
  7. Flashlight. This tool is necessary for night walks and to be able to observe the nightlife of the Ecuadorian jungle.