Price of tours to Cuyabeno Jungle


The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is home to hundreds of species of animals, including tapirs, caimans, anacondas and countless species of birds, with a green backdrop of the Amazon rainforest and its magnificent Cuyabeno River. You will be able to live a relationship of interdependencies between local tribes, wildlife and community tourism.


Our Lodge allows you to disconnect from the world to experience the natural wonders that the Amazon has to offer.


Our vision is to maintain the natural beauty of Cuyabeno. No more than thirty people at a time can discover the beauty of this landscape, its fauna, diversity and the serenity of what may be the last great escape from the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador.

Green Forest Ecolodge is the closest experience you can live in the Amazon jungle with our tours:

o   Cuyabeno Tour 3 days 2 nights (Cost $ 250)

It allows you to enjoy the Wildlife Reserve at its best, explore the Amazon wildlife, culture and landscapes


o   Cuyabeno 4 days 3 nights (Cost $ 280)

Discover the rugged beauty of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest on one of our tours to Cuyabeno, home to abundant wildlife such as pink dolphins, unique birds, and hundreds of animals.


o   Cuyabeno 5 days 4 nights (Cost $ 330)


You want to explore the Cuyabeno National Park with style and comfort, our tour allows you to relax and have all kinds of contact with going to observe wild animals and observe all kinds of animals in their real habitat