What are the tourist attractions of Cuyabeno?

The attractions that you can find in Cuyabeno are very varied since, it is a Production and Fauna Reserve. Its main objective is to preserve its ecosystems, which is why the main ones that we recommend visiting and that you will undoubtedly love are:

Its 14 lagoons with a totally different view in each one of them maintain a very great competition in the country for its landscapes, since it is in La Laguna Grande where you can observe, on a clear day, the sunset and nightfall at the same time.

Another lagoon that represents this wonderful place a lot is called Zancudococha, cataloged as the largest lagoon in the Ecuadorian Amazon, it's located on one side of the Aguarico River and is part of the Kichwa de Zancudo, which has a community tourism program.

 Its indigenous communities full of tradition and ancestral information will surprise you if you want to know the culture, in the same way you can get handicrafts made by the same members of the community based on their own products.

The sighting of pink dolphins and alligators is another of the main attractions in this area, being able to witness their natural habitat and their behavior will undoubtedly be an excellent experience.