What food options does Green Forest have?

In the Amazon we find various products offered by the land, Yuca is the best known and most desired food in Amazonian cuisine.

Our team of culinary specialists prepares the food, following all health regulations. In addition, all ingredients go through quality control to guarantee the best service to our customers.

The menus can be adapted to the needs of the clients. According to their diet they can choose between normal, vegan or vegetarian.


Breakfast: Fruit and juice are usually served

Lunch: soups based on Yuca or potatoes are served; the main dish consists of protein and vegetables; a dessert of fruit and juice.

Dinner: Served similarly to lunch: soup, main dish, and juice.


The dishes vary according to fresh vegetables and fruits in season, our chef's recipe book adapts to all tastes. It will surprise you!

If you have allergies or any nutritional requirements, you can state it when you buy the tour.

Enjoy Cuyabeno, we take care of the rest.