Why choose Green Forest Ecolodge as the best ?

Our Ecolodge offers an escape to experience the natural wonders that the Ecuadorian Amazon has to offer. The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is home of several animals, including tapirs, alligators, anacondas, and several species of birds.

This area has been highlighted by the Ministry of the Environment as vital for conservation, because of it, it is important to comply with biosafety regulations and the use of a mask at all times that we are in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Production Reserve. Our Ecolodge offers several facilities so that our tourists have an unbeatable experience in their visit to this place:

1. View: The Cuyabeno River, is the entrance to Green Forest Ecolodge, and the Amazon is the perfect complement to extend the serenity and security of what can be the last great escape from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Our privileged location will allow you to capture the best postcard-style landscapes, with sunrises and sunsets.

2. Flora and fauna: Several iconic species of Ecuadorian fauna and flora can be found in this region, including the harpy eagle, the Amazon tapir, the white-whiskered-spider monkey, the Dusky-titi monkey, the black-belted barbet, the tanager of paradise, crested owl, spangled cotinga, great potoo, Maripa attalea, black alligators, macaws, pink dolphins. This reserve offers the opportunity to interact with some of these species and their areas, such as the pink dolphins themselves at certain times of the year. You can swim in the waters of its lagoons and improve your experience.

3. Eco-friendly: Our vision is to maintain the natural beauty of Cuyabeno, its diverse flora and fauna, so our ecological accommodation makes conservation its number one priority, respecting the carrying capacity of 30 people, to avoid soil erosion and landscape damage. 

4. Bedrooms: Also called chalets, they are made of natural materials with a design based on the Amazon jungle, and have a large traditional roof of the area. Each of the elements of our rooms combined with the beautiful view of the giant trees and the pristine Amazon forest, provide a romantic atmosphere in a natural environment. a beautiful view of the giant trees and the pristine Amazon forest.

5. Warmth: The warmth of the community members, the ethnic and traditional style that make up the Eco-lodge together with the personalized attention promise to meet all your expectations and provide an incomparable experience beyond a simple service. 

6. Gastronomy: Food and hospitality go hand in hand at Green Forest Ecolodge, it is because of them that we want our guests to savor and experience the spirit of Ecuador and all the flavors it has to offer. In the same way, international cuisine is always present so that guests feel that they are at home far from home, while the Amazon rainforest, the sensational sunrises, and sunsets, capture all their senses.