Green Forest Ecolodge gives you an escape to experience the natural wonders that the Ecuadorian Amazon has to offer, the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is home to an abundance of animals, including tapirs, caimans, anacondas and countless species of birds. With the Amazon rainforest as a backdrop and the magnificent Cuyabeno River at our doorstep, Green Forest Ecolodge is the closest experience you can witness in the Amazon rainforest.

From Guayaquil you must take a bus at the Terminal Terrestre De Guayaquil that will take you to the city of Lago Agrio. But for this you must make a transfer at the bus terminal in Quito (Terminal Terrestre Quitumbe). Once in the city of Lago Agrio you must take a bus to Cuyabeno (Cuyabeno Bridge) where we will take a canoe that will take us directly to the Green Forest Ecolodge. (Our packages include transportation to and from Lago Agrio).

It is travel from Guayaquil (Terminal Terrestre De Guayaquil) to Lago Agrio takes 15 hours approximately taking into account the transfer in Quito (Terminal Terrestre Quitumbe, from Lago Agrio we must take a bus to Puente de Cuyabeno the duration of the trip is (1.30) an hour and a half, from this point we must travel by canoe on the river for approximately 2 hours for a cost of $ 2 dollars to reach the Green Forest Ecolodge.