Is it safe to travel to Cuyabeno?

The Cuyabeno protected area is a safe area to be able to travel, but it is worth taking certain recommendations about how to make the trip without setbacks, they are the following:


  • Always purchase tickets from the corresponding transportation agency and keep the ticket.
  • At the time the transport is being boarded, carefully review the corresponding seat number.
  • In case the luggage is too big, it must be stored in the bus storage, don't worry this place is safe.
  • On the other hand, if you have a hand luggage, it can be carried with you just kept it close and in a visible place.
  • Do not provide specific information on the place you are staying or your itinerary.
  • When your trip ends, always check that you have all your belongings with you.


For tours to the jungle, the yellow fever vaccine is recommended if you wish, but it is not mandatory. There have been no cases of yellow fever in Cuyabeno.

In addition to this, another good tip is to always carry a good mosquito repellent (avoid sprays, since we are in a protected area).

If any medication is needed on a regular basis, it is recommended to notify the guides and the agency with which the trip is made, in order to always take into account your health.

Cuyabeno is a place that is definitely worth visiting, discover a world full of life, and dare to live an experience in the Amazon forests.