What nationalities are there in Cuyabeno and which one can I visit?

This Reserve is home to 8 Communities, and 5 nationalities that live along the Cuyabeno such as the Sionas, Secoyas, Cofanes, Kichwas and Shuaras which have their lives in contact and respect with nature. Here I leave you some information to know a little more about them:

Shuar: For them, the existence of spirits can appear in a feminine or masculine way but always through plants and animals. Within their daily activities we identify hunting, fishing and also the use of natural medicine for the treatment of their most frequent illnesses. This nationality, in addition to their dances and songs, also create their own musical instruments such as drums, flutes and bells.

Kichwas: This nationality is very characteristic for its medicinal wealth. They base their medicine mainly on plants, and have Yuca as an essential food in their diet. The ritual that is performed there for the planting of yucca is very interesting, the women paint their face and begin the ceremony by thanking the land for a productive harvest.

Sionas: A nationality that is located in the inflows of the rivers, Aguarico, Cuyabeno and Tarapuy. They are characterized by their spirituality and the performance of rituals. It is known that shamans have the power and strength to control nature, and through rituals they separate their spirit from their body through a dream or trance, when this ends it is necessary to discuss your experience with the other people present.

Cofanes: Located along the Aguarico River, this nationality is also characterized by having a very firm organization, having its authority be the shamans, who are identified as political and religious leaders. They base their diet on yucca as the main food in addition to the complement of agriculture and fishing.

Secoyas: Their products are obtained thanks to agriculture and hunting. Thanks to that their diet is based on yucca, banana, and fruits that they collect. It is also very common for them to practice rituals with yage or ayahuasca drink, obtaining through this knowledge and coming to have a spiritual connection with mother earth mortals and the spirit world.

What community can I visit with a tour in Green Forest?

Now that you know the nationalities that exist here, let me tell you that with Green Forest you will have the opportunity to meet and be part of the culture of the Siona community, learning about their lifestyle, being part of the preparation of the casabe, and of course delve into the spirituality of this wonderful culture. It is a 100% recommended experience, renew your energies, open your mind to new ways of life and enjoy an unforgettable experience.