Can I see pink dolphins in Cuyabeno?

One of the wonders of the Ecuadorian Amazon is the Cuyabeno Wildlife Production Reserve, in the province of Sucumbíos, the majority are known as pink dolphins (Inia geoffrensis), and the other three gray dolphins (Sotalia fluviatilis), a less common species in this area.


Pink dolphins can be seen in reserves such as Cuyabeno. The Amazonian aquatic ecosystems are the habitat of approximately 800 species of fish. Caring for dolphins is synonymous with healing the rivers of this jungle.

No matter how many times you see a dolphin in the Cuyabeno River and in the lakes that surround the National Park, it is always a spectacle: you will never be bored. The Amazonian dolphin known as boto or bufeo or pink dolphin is so common here, it would be unfortunate not to see one.


The Ecuadorian Amazon is home of the most biodiverse tropical rainforest on the planet. Thus, the Ministry of Tourism invites national and foreign citizens to visit this destination in Ecuador and to enjoy all its natural, cultural and, gastronomic wealth.