Should I book by web, booking or whatsapp?

Our website contains all the necessary information about our tours, accommodations, transportation, and prices, if you need additional information, you can read our blog section.

We do not use booking, so it is not possible to schedule through this platform.

We use WhatsApp for faster responses, the schedule is from 08:30 am to 08:30 pm.

These are the general steps to book with us.'

1.- Contact us through our website, email, or WhatsApp +593 99 543 3293, and detail the number of people and the estimated travel dates.

2.- If you left your information through our website or wrote to us by email, we will contact you as soon as possible providing you with information about our availability.

3.- If you wrote to us via WhatsApp, a member of our team will answer your message and proceed to request your email to provide you with more information.

4.- Once your doubts have been clarified and you are ready to book, we will send you the payment methods along with the required information by email.

5.- Once the payment is made and you have sent us the information, we will proceed to send you a service voucher with the tour information.

6.- See you soon to start this adventure!