Recommendations if you travel by car to Lago Agrio – Cuyabeno

Do you want to visit Cuyabeno and you are going to use your own car? we recommend some tips to follow before embarking on the best adventure.

Vacations are synonymous with happiness, and you're surely delighted to embark on the journey to Cuyabeno. Although we prepare all our proper equipment, do you do the same with the vehicle that will transport your happiness of adventure?


  1. The review should start with your tires.
  2. Check oil levels, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid.
  3. Check that the air filters are clean.
  4. Check the lights (indicators and lighting) that are well regulated and in perfect condition.


  1. Get enough sleep before driving, fatigue can cause loss of concentration
  2. Hydrate well, drink water or drinks with sugar, this will help you maintain concentration
  3. Do not consume alcoholic beverages
  4. Wear comfortable shoes
  5. Plan the route before starting the trip.


It is very important to make sure you carry the vehicle documents and your own identification.

We must remember that the load of the luggage is of vital importance, because if we load the luggage incorrectly, the dynamic behavior of the vehicle is altered, so it is recommended to travel as light as possible.

Optional audiobooks that help the active brain listen, without creating a dangerous distraction, humor books or even comedy CDs are recommended, laughing will keep you awake.

An important piece of information is to travel a day before to Lago Agrio and stay in a hotel. Since there are many hours of travel and a lot of effort, which on some occasions can harm your trip with unwanted stops at night. We always recommend traveling in the day when you drive your own car.


Although the route starts from your residence, you must take into account that the best options are made from Quito, the journey will be a little faster. Or if you come from the Sierra Sur region, there is the possibility of doing it.


The Quito-Baeza-Loreto-Coca-Nueva Loja route is the most recommended to do.