Can I have vegetarian food on my Cuyabeno tour?

The variety that we have in Green Forest is according to the tastes of each tourist.

At Green Forest we are prepared to please you with a varied menu that includes vegetarian and vegan options to taste in the tranquility of the Ecuadorian Amazon, all the dishes that are prepared are made with the finest selection of vegetables and products from the area.


An example of this is Casabe, which is a well-known food in the Ecuadorian Amazon, here I explain how it is prepared:


  1. The first step is to harvest the yucca, here you can witness the daily life of the Amazonian communities.

  2. Once the yucca is harvested, it is important to wash it very well.

  3. The next step is to peel the cassava, using a technique that will be explained by the community members.

  4. Then it is necessary to scratch the yucca.

  5. Once scratched it is important to drain to prevent it from remaining wet.

  6. it is drained to avoid any residual water.

  7. On a hot skillet, pour the amount of yucca needed to cover it.

  8. Roll out and cook until a hard dough forms, and let it brown.


This is one of the gastronomic experiences that you can experience in Green Forest.