Why does Cuyabeno have one of the best sunsets?

The sunset in Cuyabeno is spectacular for several reasons. First, the geographical location of the reserve is ideal to enjoy an impressive sunset. Cuyabeno is located in a transition zone between the Amazon jungle and the Andes, which means that it offers a panoramic view of a wide range of landscapes, from the mountains to tropical forests.

In addition, the reserve has a large number of rivers and lakes, which makes sunset even more spectacular. The sun's rays are reflected in the water, creating a mirror effect that expands the beauty of the landscape.


But there is another reason why sunset in Cuyabeno is special: the diversity of fauna and flora. During sunset, it is common to see animals out of the jungle to search for food or water in rivers and lakes. Garzas and ducks are just some of the animals that can be observed during sunset. It is also common to see the spider monkeys and howlers in the nearby trees, while iguanas and caimanes usually sunbathe on the banks of the rivers.

As for the flora, during the sunset you can see the highest trees of the jungle that stand out from the horizon. In addition, some of these trees, such as CEIBO, raft and cedar, flourish at this time of year, creating a beautiful colored contrast.

The sunset in Cuyabeno is especially beautiful in the rainy season, which goes from March to August. During this time, the clouds accumulate on the horizon, creating a spectacle of colors and shadows. As the sun sets, the clouds are dyed with orange, red and pink, and are reflected in the water, creating an impressive effect.


But why exactly the sunset in Cuyabeno is considered the best in the world? The answer is simple: because it offers a complete experience for the senses. The landscape is impressive, fauna and flora are diverse and the spectacle of colors and shadows is impressive. But in addition, the sound of nature during sunset is simply magical: the song of the birds, the murmur of the rivers and the breeze that blows through the trees create a natural symphony that is difficult to describe with words.

It is important to mention that, although sunset in Cuyabeno is impressive, it is also a moment of reflection and respect for nature. Cuyabeno is a protected nature reserve, so it is important that visitors respect this natural paradise.

That is why we invite you to live the experience in Green Forest Ecolodge.